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Ms Emma Daniells

Bodymotion, Bodymotion Chiropractic, 1 Wallside, Barbican, London, EC2Y 8BH



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Specialties are particular areas of medicine in which doctors can be trained and accredited. The specialists on this website are all recognised as such by AXA PPP healthcare and their services are eligible under our plans.


We publish a document called the Schedule of procedures and fees which sets out what we will pay specialists for the services provided to our customers.

We have identified specialists whose fees we pay in full, and these make up the majority of all specialists. Where a specialist's charges exceed the amount we can pay in full, we will limit benefit to the reimbursement limit published in our Schedule of Procedures. Where this occurs, some specialists may ask you to pay the difference.

Where you see the symbol  Y  this indicates that our payment may not cover the specialist's fees in full. You may wish to request an estimate of charges so that our team of Personal Advisers can confirm what we will pay before your treatment takes place.